Dj/producer from Athens (Gr) and a member of the Antilopes crew. Started his career in music in 2012 and within a short period he has managed to spin at some of the best places around! He shared the stage with great artists like Quantic, L’Entourloop, Panda Dub, Frenic, Kill Emil and Billa Qause.
In 2016 spring he released ”Mash 4 the Mass”, a reggae-hip hop mashup compilation.! His duet with Wag (Stiko & Wag project) produced their debut ep with a tribal beatmaking sound, ”NRGLS”.
His first solo album by the name ”Seeding” has been released on 18th of April and it’s available for free dl on bandcamp, including 14 tracks in a variety of genres and influences


Deectiva Artists:


Dimitris Kritikos a.k.a. MCD is the DJ that co-founded Active Member. The first hip-hop act in Athens/Greece, and evolved to a great producer since then,

Coffee Break Cookies

Coffee Break Cookies is the collaboration of Producers / Beatmakers : Damned1 (d.One) & Solitary // Kira(Vocals) // ILLias (guitars) // & their studio Cliniki


Frenic’s music production reflects his D.J influences and a love of old retro sounds creating deep emotional music. “Essentially Im a hip-hop D.J but I


FL takes his first steps in classical music as a pianist in the early 90s. Over the years he is charmed by hip hop music.