Marianna Seas

Family – First Steps .
Born and raised in the mid 80’s in a well known artistic family in Athens,
Greece, She discovered at an early age that music would be a big part of her life.
She always felt that music genres such as Soul, R&B, Jazz, Hip-Hop, & Gospel,
gave her the space to express and find herself best.
She have been part of many Live Stage Productions as a backing vocalist but also as an individual artist, having performed alongside the most popular Greek artists in well known Venues and Festivals.All these experiences led to the formation of her very own project Called
“The Soul Within”
Collabs & Discography.
Dimi Phaze “Season 1”. 
The Sound Of Everything.
Fame Story.
Summer Tour- Helena Paparizou.
A leading role on the MUSICAL “RENT”.
Presenting “The Soul Within” Project.
Estate Club – Sakis Rouvas.
Her first SINGLE titled “THE BEST IN ME” released by Deectiva Music to all major digital stores.
Backing vocals on “THE VOICE” Greece.
A leading role on the MUSICAL  “HAIRSPRAY”.
Her second SINGLE titled  “MI-RE” (Give In  To Life) released by Deectiva Music to all major digital stores.
Current affairs.
A collab with MCD that promises an upcoming EP really soon
and lots of recordings for her upcoming Album.

Deectiva Artists:


Dimitris Kritikos a.k.a. MCD is the DJ that co-founded Active Member. The first hip-hop act in Athens/Greece, and evolved to a great producer since then,


Dj/producer from Athens (Gr) and a member of the Antilopes crew. Started his career in music in 2012 and within a short period he has

Dj Spery

Dj Spery is a pioneer of Balkan music in her homeland, Greece. Dj and producer, Spery combines her Balkan Brass traditional melodies with beats of


Empne started in the early ‘90s. His first contact with hip hop culture was through graffiti and then through record collecting. In 1997 he made