Empne started in the early ‘90s. His first contact with hip hop culture was through graffiti and then through record collecting. In 1997 he made his first beats and in 1998 he entered the music group “Ihitiki Apeili”. 

Ever since then he have been working mainly as a producer and rapper releasing more than twenty solo albums and four hundred albums/EPs/singles through KNKUC (KNK Underground Collections) label. In 2012 he joined forces with fellow musicians Unp-Snae, George Tsakarakas and Aqvilon to create Prehysterical Productions and enter the film scoring world making the score of the awarded short film “Pagovouno – Iceberg” & one year later he was listed in the “TOP 100 Beatmakers of the world” list of praverb.net . 

He is a member of Greek and international groups: Ihitiki Apeili, Psyrobots, CCC The Cross Continent Crew, Da Preddatorz,Supernatural Chemistry, Skylia the band, Loopkeepers .Produced beats & collaborated with international MCs, producers and DJs like: Artemis/Efthimis [gr], Verbal Kent [us],Si Phili of Phi-Life Cypher (uk),Cella Dwellas (us), Kain Slim [nl], Thitis [gr], XL of Kreators [us], Katahanas [gr], Phobia [es], D-Cypha (au), Maggot Mouf [au], Mr. Brady [us], Domingo [us], Pns of the Molemen [us], Dannu & Zen R.EL.Z.M. of the Visionaries [us], Exposition [us], Apakalypse [us], Visual [us], Underworld Netherlands [nl], Sake Of Skill [za], King Mik, Viro the virus [us], Indho [mx], Gajos [pl], Psychward [us], Joel B [uk], Eon green [be], M-Dot [us], Asylum Seekas [uk], Myster DL [us] and many more.


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