Billa Qause

Billa Qause, born and raised in Athens, is part of the underground Hip Hop scene since 1997. Influenced by soul, jazz and other kinds of Music, he uses elements of those to create his own music. Instrumental hip hop, trip hop and downtempo tunes are being cooked alongside mystical melodies, ethereal voices and soulful chords all tied up with smooth bass lines and steady rhythm sections. Each live show is like a journey. Using his machines as a vehicle, the samples as fuel and the rhythm as a compass he manages to form an enigmatic and tempting soundscape. Since 2009 he has released five personal albums (e-Chop, Jazzova, Zentai Teki ni, Rest in Beats, Zentai Teki Ni the EP). Over the years he shared the stage with artists like Dj Krush, Herbaliser, Ltj Bukem, Wax Tailor, Guts, Panda Dub, Grammatik amongst others.

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