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Dimitris Kritikos (DJ MCD) is the definition of a versatile producer as his projects and collaborations cover a very wide range of styles.

He started his music career as a turntable DJ while in high school. In 1992 he meets Michalis Mitakidis (B.D. Foxmoor) and they create the Hip Hop group, ACTIVE MEMBER, one of the most famous bands in Greece at the time.

He also appeared as a guest DJ on records of other big Hip-Hop names in Greece such as: Goin'Through. e.t.c.

In 1995 after gaining a lot of stage experience from numerous live performances, he left the band and started producing his own music.

In 2003 he met Vassilis Zafiridis (Billa Qause) and they formed a new project called NEVERLAND, focusing on chillout and trip-hop music. Their debut album, titled Dreams, was released in 2004.

In 2004 he formed with Kostas Mantos the soulful house project, INFLUENCE, and they released in 2005 their debut album called ''Influenced By You'', through Dimitris Kritikos (DJ MCD) own label called Deectiva. Their album had a very warm welcome by radio stations and DJs and delivered a couple of big club hits for the summer of 2007 in Greece.

In 2005 he formed with Nick Zois (Nu Zwiggy) , the project ''Funkytears'', They had the success of ‘HELLO’, during summer-autumn 2006 , having a huge airplay and great response from bars and clubs across country. Funkytears released their new single "You", the classic Ten Sharp song, on an electro pop rthythm, on the compilation "Dance Dance Dance vol.6" released by Planetworks.

In 2007 Dimitris Kritikos (DJ MCD) released his debut solo album ''Inner State'' through his own label Deectiva, and received excellent reviews for his trip-hop atmosphere and nu school beats.

Dimitris Kritikos (DJ MCD) had already attracted a lot of attention in his home country Greece so far. But it wasn’t until later in the same year, when he participated under a new project name to the Coca-Cola Soundwave 2007 contest, that Dimitris Kritikos (DJ MCD) name would take the first step for an international presence.

He has also made remixes for:

NATURAL SELECTION, JOSE NUNEZ - Bilingual (Subliminal Records), KAMOUFLAZ, ZAC F, Homo Sapiens

His songs can be found on many compilations.

He is a producer of INFLUENCE, FUNKYTEARS, ARTEMIS / EFTHIMIS (A/E), WHITE DRAGON, a dog named Rodriguez & in2.